What I did at Recurse

After working as a data engineer for three years I decided to quit and figure out if I could find a more creative application of coding.

I heard about The Recurse Center from a friend and applied with the hopes of exploring creative coding in a structured and social setting.

The Recurse Center is a self-directed, community-driven educational retreat for programmers based in New York City.

It turned out to be a fantastic decision. I learned a ton, made great friends and came out with the skills, knowledge and determination to pursue game development as a career.

I stayed for a batch and a half, which lasted 4.5 months.
While I was there these are the things I worked on and studied:

Game Development #

Games #

Graphics #

Math #

Unity #

Creative Coding #

Livecoding #

Images #

* this post was created retroactively in june 2021

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