Windstock Tweetcart

I’ve been facinated by the tweetcarts I’ve seen on twitter recently. Tweetcarts are visual demos or games that fit into 280-characters of PICO-8 code.

This is a great resource if you want see examples and how they are made: pixienop: Pico-8 Tweetcart Studies.

I tried my hand at making a tweetcart of a procedurally animated windstock.


t=0 ::_:: cls(13) f=circfill for j=1,3 do line(55+j-6,130,55+j-3,55,1) end f(55+1,55,14+2,1) m=-1.1 t+=0.02 if(rnd() > 0.9)m+=(rnd() > 0.5 and 0.04 or -0.04)
for i=0,8 do for n=1,2 do f(55+n+3*i,55+sin(t+0.025*i)*m*i+i*2,14-i*1.1,14+(i%2)) end end
flip() goto _