⭐️ In this tutorial we will learn how to use Pico-8!

Boot and Navigate

Open pico-8-edu.com and start trying out commands:

  1. Create a cart


  2. Show you all your carts

    Run LS

  3. Open your cart editor and write code

    Press [ESC] and type in PRINT("HELLO WORLD!")

  4. Run your cart

    Press [CTRL] + [R]

  5. Install demos and load those carts

    Run INSTALL_DEMOS and then LS to see the new folder DEMOS

    Run LS DEMOS/ to see what’s in there.

    Pick one and load it as the current cart via LOAD DEMOS/JELPI.P8

    Try running it with RUN

    Check out the code and sprites by pressing [ESC]

All of this is in the Cheatsheet so don’t worry about memorizing it!


⭐️ 3. Text, Lines, Shapes and Colors